January 4, 2009

my best day~

well,its my birthday on 3rd January.

i am 24 years old olready.xsuke.xsuke.;D

thanks to all my fren yg wish through call,sms,frenster and facebook.

all of you make my day cheer.

btw,xde celebration yg meriah2 pown.

just have dinner wif my family.thanx m0m for the treat.;)

plg best when wafi call n wish.haha.semangat tol mamat tuh.

thanx neway.

the most question when turns 24 is "ble nk kawen??"

argghh..soalan apakah ini?

utk pengetahuan sume,sy baru 24 tahun.diulangi 24 tahun.

bukannye 34 tahun.rilex la.bg la enjoy puas2 duluw.

husband wannabe pown xmuncul lagiw.;))

sabar okie.when the tyme is come,i will invite all of u.cehh..cm artis plak.hixx.



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